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Often those who chase so eagerly after demons are doomed to become them.  A talented young ex-prosecutor with a murdered child, his criminal brother from Las Vegas, and an undercover cop caught up in an unsettling relationship based upon lies, blackmail and exacting revenge --while each chase personal demons.   This dramatic web series produced by Kyle Newacheck, written by Ryan Max O'Melia and directed by Thomas Kellogg explores the failing judicial system, police corruption and murder, as well as the bonds of family.

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Music Videos

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Wonk music videos span over a decade, featuring live performances of Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye and The Stereophoes, as well as performance videos by Dustbowl Revival and Luke Winslow King and even "Heartbeat", the VMA nominated video by Childish Gambino, Directed by Kyle Newacheck.

Web Series

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Where we incubate the vast majority of our original content, as it builds a following, and we push it to bigger and better things. Studio City Kings, produced by Kyle Newacheck, written by Ryan Max O'meila and Directed by Thomas Kellogg, now in its second season already has people talking.


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Everything from "Ethos", an ultra-low budget productions in the Mojave Desert with six bodies, cast and crew, to "Rage & Beauty, the star studded pilot for Adult Swim. Our family here at Wonk knows how to get things done, no matter the level of production.


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Always searching for stories that have yet to be told, our Features rely on fresh faces, dedicated crews and real experiences. Having been accepted to several festivals and including a win by Thomas Kellogg, star of Mega Summer Hit, for Best Actor at the Hollywood Real Independent Film Festival.


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A series of commercials shot for Comedy Central's Workaholics, of which were nominated for a DGA Award. "Ya gotta, ya gotta, ya GOTTA BE FRESH.

Wonk Analog

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It may not seem that long ago, but this is back where it all started. Just a couple a friends, some crazy concepts, and a VHS camcorder.  Some content may seem familiar, if you lived in Concord, CA, and watched the public access channel in the late 90's, or  the birth of Youtube in '05, and even possibly Myspace, when that was a thing.