Old questions answered and new mysteries arise, as the trio find themselves deeper in the dark underworld of Studio City.
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Megasummer Hit: A Slam Dunkumentary

Producer Kyle Newacheck (Workaholics, ADHP) and director Ryan Max O’Melia (Bunny) attempt to make a documentary about a twitter contest. The prize? Struggling actor and comedian Thomas Kellogg (virtually unknown) will show up at the winners house and dunk a basketball using a trampoline. Reality, egos, and basketballs all begin to spiral out of control as Kellogg risks everything for nothing.

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Often those who chase so eagerly after demons are doomed to become them.  A talented young ex-prosecutor with a murdered child, his criminal brother from Las Vegas, and an undercover cop caught up in an unsettling relationship based upon lies, blackmail and exacting revenge --while each chase personal demons.   This dramatic web series produced by Kyle Newacheck, written by Ryan Max O'Melia and directed by Thomas Kellogg explores the failing judicial system, police corruption and murder, as well as the bonds of family.


Crash the Coast

A crew of young, amateur surfers put their lives on hold to surf at all 14 coastal counties in California, in only 14 days. On a shoestring budget, they bought an RV on the Internet for only $1,000 and planned the trip of a lifetime. This surf trip highlights the positive powers that surfing offers and shows how much fun surfing is at any skill level.

Available on Vimeo On Demand at: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/crashthecoast.  WATCH FOR FREE WITH PROMO CODE: slowgears


Written and Directed by Adam Newacheck, Ethos examines a post apocalyptic/science fiction world .  The story centers around Ethan, played by Radek Antczak, as an 18 year old boy who happens to be the last human on the planet.  He spends his days looking for other human life, mapping out what seems to be a never ending landscape, and searching for the truth about an alien invasion that wiped out everything he once knew.

Danny Only's craft starts with the piano, which is why this album in ONLY piano. Written by Danny Webber (Workaholics, Rage and Beauty, Studio City Kings) over the course of a year while dog sitting, this album is a trip back to his roots. Album available to preview on Spotify, on vinyl at fademusicco.com & wonkstore.com or digital on iTunes NOW!

Check out the music video for "Mega Summer Hit Theme" here - https://vimeo.com/199094815


Grey Gardens has arrived.  Coming from Oakland, former member of the Catholic Comb, Dan Awand lays down some driving beats with tortured texture and ghostly vocals on this one of a kind 7 in.  Available for Pre-Order on iTunes soon and vinyl also avail on Fade Music Co. soon.  Click the poster to watch the video for Keepers.

Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye: The Full 420 Experience

The audio and visual montage for Fade Up Fade Out Bye Bye’s first album, “Volume 1: Ren Faire 2009 - New Years Day 2014”. Sit back, go full screen on some dope speakers to fully feel this one.

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